Welcome to the Center for
Conscious Living & Conscious Dying

Our mission and commitment is to expand the knowledge and resources available to individuals, communities, and organizations so that we can collectively care for dying, death, and grief in a more holistic and sacred way.

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The Center for Conscious Living & Conscious Dying is a heart-centered and person-focused organization passionate about changing how we hold space for the tenderness of life and death.

Our mission is to offer transformative experiences and facilitate meaningful connections with dying, death, and grief.

We do this through our signature Apprenticeship With Death training program and retreat, and we love witnessing each person’s unique path in our community of authentic and compassionate learning.


Enrollment is open for our next 7-month immersive learning experience and 3-day retreat. This is more than an end of life training!

what's your sacred deathcare archetype?

Gain a deeper understanding of your personality and discover ways to bring meaning and comfort during dying, death, and grief.

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Explore our upcoming events, mark your calendar, and come be a part of this vibrant community dedicated to personal and collective well-being.

About the founder

I am deeply passionate about bringing a heart-centered approach to the topics of dying, death, and grief. Within this community, we are a group of individuals who are eager to incorporate a greater sense of connectedness and spiritual depth into our practices and communities. By working together, we have the power to create environments filled with compassion, where conscious, intentional, and transformative living and dying can take place. At CLCD, we fully recognize the immense impact of love and loss, and we are committed to providing supportive and soulful experiences to those who are searching for more meaning and understanding in these significant and profound moments of life.Learn more about Rhea and the CLCD mission