Collectively reawakening the consciousness for a radical shift in the way we live and die.

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Welcome to the Center for
Conscious Living & Conscious Dying

Our mission and commitment is to expand the knowledge and resources available to individuals, communities, and organizations so that we can collectively care for dying, death, and grief in a more holistic and sacred way.

End of life training


A sacred realm exists where life’s journey converges with the inevitable destination of death.  At the Center for Conscious Living & Conscious Dying (CLCD), we wholeheartedly embrace this liminal space.  Our mission is simple yet transformative – to reawaken the consciousness that changes the way we hold space for living and dying.

CLCD recognize the profound potency of grief and loss and we are dedicated to providing supportive and transformative experiences to individuals and organizations who seek greater connection and understanding of dying, death, greif, and life after death.

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