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You’re invited to join this ever evolving journey of self-discovery through conscious living and conscious dying.  Explore our upcoming events, mark your calendar, and come be a part of this vibrant community dedicated to personal and collective well-being.

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A Path to Purpose

In End of Life Care

This is a creative and reflective workshop for those interested in learning more about the various ways to engage in end-of-life care. Gather some creative materials to write, doodle, or draw. I will provide you with engaging materials and prompts to explore where exactly your interests lie in death care. Join live for personal coaching and guidance. One of my superpowers is really seeing others, and I’m committed to helping other sensitive and intuitive people find their path in the realm of dying, death, and grief.

Join me on June 26th from 3-4:30 PM CT to explore your calling. This is free for completing this survey by June 19th or $100 USD after that.

a field of purple flowers

Resilience & Rituals

in End of Life Care

An event designed for those drawn to or already supporting others at the end of life. Explore and experience the essential skills and compassionate practices needed in this sacred field. 

  • Learn about holding space for grief and self-care
  • Explore strategies to strengthen emotional resilience
  • Discover how rituals create impact

July 3rd, 6-7:30 PM CT on Zoom
$30 USD | All are welcome