Thank you for taking the time to read the following values and intentions as a guide to interacting with the spaces created by Conscious Living Conscious Dying.  These values and intentions allow us to share a space created for courageous learning and compassionate companioning.

We Value

  • Love, kindness, and compassion in our approach
  • Inclusive hospitality
  • Sovereignty over the self
  • Celebrating our uniqueness
  • Supporting one another’s development
  • Showing up with vulnerability and honoring that in each other
  • A willingness to continue expanding, stretching, and learning
  • Championing other’s success
  • Reciprocity
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Respectful exchanges
  • Confidentiality and cultivating trust

Personal Pilgrimage

We create all offerings with the deepest love and intention for the highest good of all.  The journey to the sacred place within calls us to embrace courage and devotion to the self.  On this voyage, you may encounter challenges or complications.  We ask that you honor your internal knowing of what is right for you.  Always source from your community of support or seek one if that is not currently present in your life.  Rest when you need it, Love.  Step away, if you need to.  What is meant for you will be available to you.  How you choose to travel is up to you.

Participation (Courses and Offerings)

These are the boundaries we ask you to honor and respect if you engage in our courses or offerings:

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY:  We expect you will hold yourself in whatever supportive ways you need.  If you should need additional support or resources, you will act in a self-motivated way to find those resources.  If you find yourself in a season of life where resourcing support isn’t accessible, these offerings may not be for you.  This work is powerful and has the potential to bring up big emotions.  We do not provide therapeutic support to any participant.

CRITICAL THINKING & AUTONOMY:  You are your own expert.  We expect you to think critically and act from a place of your own personal autonomy to accept, challenge or reject a concept that is presented through Conscious Living Conscious Dying.  Practice self-awareness and take only what serves you and leave the rest.

RESPOND VS REACT:  When faced with discomfort, an instinct may be to react impulsively.  We honor this as a true and honest part of personal growth and expansion, but we aren’t available to process therapeutically with you in the spaces that we create and hold in groups and communities.  We expect you will be personally responsible for resourcing someone to process with you.  If you are charged by something, we ask that you take sufficient time to pause and reflect on your personal discomfort.  Ask yourself what is behind it?  Is it yours?  What would be the best outcome?

Integrity and Acknowledgement

Thank you for honoring our creativity and being ethical in your approach to our offerings.  We appreciate your integrity.  Always acknowledge and give credit to the authors and creators.  You may not copy or claim any of the materials or processes as yours.  This includes directly lifting and/or editing bits and pieces.  If you would like to share content or processes, you will need to contact the author, creator, or facilitator for written permission.  You may not share materials with anyone who has not made an investment or exchange for it.