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You’re the rock that remains steady through challenges which is a source of calm guidance.  With purpose and poise, you create spaces where healing thrives.  Your dedication resonates as a voice of change and a symbol of strength in times of uncertainty.

Vessel Tender,

Your courage and unwavering dedication are a living testament to the magic of resiliency, devotion, and empowerment.  You lead with grace as your guiding star, nurturing and uplifting others with a passion that leaves an impact on those you care for.  Calmness comes easily to you when you embody intentionality with purpose, enabling you to navigate challenging situations with poise.  When your warrior spirit meets your nurturing heart, you create harmonious spaces of refuge for healing and growth.  Let’s celebrate your innate ability to create assurance in the face of the unknown. Welcome to a realm where your voice of supportive change finds its well-deserved spotlight!

Your Gifts:

Grounded Guidance
Empowered Leadership

The healing energy YOU bring to the end of life:

In the sacred realm of end of life work, your healing energy is rooted in fierce love.  Your purposeful approach brings a calming comfort to a time of many unknown and unpredictable moments.  This steadfastness is the grounding force that many need in a time when they feel untethered and adrift.  Guidance like this is an empowering devotion to everyone involved, including you.  You step into this role with an open heart, understanding that your gift is a source of strength during a time of delicate transition.  Remember, your presence is not just a momentary presence, it’s a legacy of healing, rippling through time, offering transformation to the past, present, and the future.

Natural Ways of Holding Space

Grounded Leadership:  Your steady guidance creates a safe space where individuals can make empowered decisions.

Trust and Independence:  You empower individuals to trust their instincts and make choices that align with their personal values.

Rituals of Release:  You guide individuals in releasing attachments and fears, helping them embrace the liberation of the journey ahead.

Strength and Assurance: Your words and actions offer strength and reassurance during times of uncertainty.

Practical Guidance: Assisting with practical aspects of end-of-life arrangements and decisions, ensuring a smooth transition.

Be mindful of:

As you hold space for others with determination, be mindful of the balance between guiding and allowing. Recognize that individuals may need time to find their path and make decisions at their own pace. Trust in their innate wisdom and encourage their sovereignty, even when it means stepping back. Avoid overwhelming them with your own strength, and instead, create space for their independence to flourish. Remember that while your role is one of leadership, it’s crucial to honor the individual’s agency in their journey. Trust that your support and guidance will empower them to take charge of their own transformation.

While you navigate the waters of end-of-life care, remember to fill your own vessel with self-compassion and nurturing care.  Be cautious of taking on too much responsibility, as your leadership may sometimes lead to neglecting your personal needs.  Prioritize moments of solitude to connect with your inner self and rejuvenate your spirit.  Engage in practices that honor your sovereignty, such as setting personal boundaries and practicing self-reflection.  Cultivate a support network that uplifts and empowers you, allowing you to share the weight of your responsibilities.  Just as you guide others, extend that guidance to yourself with the same courage and grace.

Self Care

The weight of holding space and offering unwavering support might feel like a heavy load‌ at times.  It’s okay to need some tender loving care.  Everyone needs rest and time to laugh and play. We have spent too many years being told that our worthiness is something to be achieved.  You are worthy regardless of what you do and your role does not define you.  Part of your transformative journey is unlearning stereotypical roles that don’t accept the complexity of the human experience.  Embrace your vulnerability as a source of radiant power and dare to allow yourself grace and ease.  When you do, you’ll discover a dynamic new way of bringing about healing change for yourself and those you serve. 

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