Reciprocity & Transparency

As people who take part in movements for change in life and death, we also rise in responsibility for the change we want to see in ethical marketing practices, fair access, and livable earnings.  We put people before the sale, communicate truthfully, and are working to ensure we benefit the common good.

Built on principles of prosperity, accessibility, inclusion, wellness, and sustainability, we offer partial and, when available, full scholarships to those who wish to participate but are facing challenges or hardship.

If you or your organization are in a place of plenty and you would like to pay it forward, consider offering a scholarship to someone else who is facing challenges or hardship.

We offer interest-free payment options that you are welcome to choose at check out.

CLCD is a woman-owned and woman-run business.  We continue the work of shifting inequality and leveling the playing field for all women and all marginalized folks.  We are firmly rooted in including ourselves in the exchange of time, money, energy, and expertise.

It is important that CLCD pays contract workers and employees livable earnings.  We are just starting out and as the center becomes profitable, a portion of the profit will be given back to individuals and organizations in order to support the redistribution of wealth.

When we collaborate on an event or program creation, we share the revenue.  If you would like to collaborate we will happily discuss revenue sharing.

We commit to greater accessibility and will have transcripts and closed captions available as we are able to do so (technically and financially).  It is important that all in-person gatherings be hosted in locations that can accommodate you.  We always encourage conversation and discussion to help us meet your needs as best we can.

We are open to growth and are doing our best.  Please reach out at any time to share what might support you better.

To inquire further, email