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Your joy for life is contagious and your insight into people empowers them to share their life stories, leaving an indelible mark of celebration and inspiration. At your core lies a deep reverence for innovation and community.

Radiant Enchanter,

You’re a weaver of wonder, sprinkling every corner of existence with your vibrant magic. With your infectious love for life, you effortlessly radiate joy and captivate hearts wherever you go. Through your unique gifts, you create collaborative and transformative experiences that blend practicality with enchantment.  Your ability to see the complete picture and person gives you an extraordinary gift of helping others share their tales and aspirations with the world, leaving a mark that resonates with celebration and inspiration.  At the heart of your essence lies a deep reverence for innovation and community.  You hold a treasure trove of wisdom, ready to be shared with those who seek it.

Your Gifts:


The healing energy YOU bring to the end of life:

In the sacred realm of end of life work, your radiant presence brings metamorphic change, infusing the end-of-life journey with a sense of wonder and possibility.  You embody the role of a catalyst with your innate ability to perceive the intricate layers of an individual’s journey, their aspirations, and the myriad possibilities that unfold as part of their end-of-life transition.  Creating spaciousness for stories to be shared and memories to be cherished and honored brings comfort and solace.  That magic bridges the gap between life and death, offering genuine connection and healing to those who want to discover the beauty within the journey’s end.  Your ability to see the big picture and weave the details of a life story helps remind those you serve that even in moments of transition, there is room for magic and growth.

Natural Ways of Holding Space

Creating Rituals:  You design rituals that celebrate the essence of life, inviting remembrance and lightness into the sacred moments.

Embracing Synchronicity:  Your ability to recognize and share synchronistic moments creates a sense of interconnectedness and purpose.

Creative Expression:  You inspire others to express their emotions and thoughts through creative outlets, allowing them a deeper sense of connection.

Storytelling & Memory Making:  Your presence itself creates an atmosphere of celebration, allowing others to find solace in moments of honoring shared memories.

Harmonizing with Cycles:  You guide others to embrace life’s natural rhythms, helping them find alignment with the flow of change, even in death.  This opens the doorway to conversations.

Be mindful of:

Be mindful of the oversimplification of complex emotions.  Remember that while your joy is a gift, it’s human nature to experience a wide range of feelings, some of which may be heavy.  Offer a space where both light and shadow can coexist without judgment.  Strive to find a balance between your magical essence and the depth of the human experience.  Allow space for deep introspection and emotions, ensuring that your playful presence doesn’t unintentionally dismiss the complexity of the end-of-life journey. 

While you have incredible enthusiasm to help others, remember that the path to personal growth demands moments of stillness and listening.  Creating spaciousness to simply be, allows others and yourself to deepen into the wisdom that patiently waits within you.  In nurturing your own wellspring of insight, you amplify your ability to guide others and create a harmonious balance between sharing your radiant light and the inner brilliance of those you serve.  You feel emotions deeply and sometimes struggle with the pressure to maintain an uplifting presence.  Embrace the range of emotions that flow through you, for it’s through your genuine presence that you’ll create those connections you desire.  

Self Care

As you infuse the end-of-life journey with magic and joy, remember to nurture your own well-being with the same enthusiasm.  Be cautious of overextending yourself, as your spontaneity may sometimes lead to spreading yourself thin.  Prioritize activities that fill your heart with joy and connect you with your playful essence.  Surround yourself with those who uplift and inspire you, creating a sense of community that nurtures your spirit.  Engage in creative outlets that allow you to express yourself freely and authentically.  As you weave enchantment for others, ensure that you also weave moments of self-care that replenish your own magic.

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