Your Sacred Deathcare Archetype is…



You’re the one who finds lessons in challenges, embracing change and growth. Like an oak tree weathering seasons, you stand firm, guiding others through the unknown. Your insights illuminate the path, a beacon for those seeking clarity.

Insightful Sage,

You are the wise oracle who imparts clarity and understanding during life’s final chapters.  Rooted in knowledge and personal power, you guide with wisdom and discernment.  You bridge the known and unknown, illuminating the path with perceptive insights. Your masterful presence and authenticity enable choices aligned with the heart’s desires. You are the guardian of truths, unveiling the full spectrum of experiences. As you navigate this path, remember that your guidance lights the way through complexities. Your journey is a testament to wisdom and transformation, revealing the depth of insight that grows in both the end-of-life realm and beyond.

Your Gifts:

Wise Counsel

The healing energy YOU bring to the end of life:

In the sacred realm of end of life work, your healing energy guides people through the labyrinth of life’s final chapters with unwavering wisdom.  Through your insights and discernment, you offer a space of clarity amidst uncertainty.  Your presence is a source of comfort and guidance, helping the dying and their loved ones navigate the complexities of choices and emotions.  Your mastery of knowledge and experience provides a steady anchor as they embark on this transformative journey.  With your authentic wisdom, you invite others to embrace their true selves and make choices that resonate with their hearts.

Natural ways of holding space:

Providing Thoughtful Guidance:  Your ability to offer thoughtful and informed guidance creates a space for individuals to make empowered decisions.

Honoring Deep Reflection:  You encourage individuals to explore their thoughts and emotions, creating a sense of self-awareness.

Wisdom Sharing:  You facilitate conversations that invite people to share their life stories and experiences, creating a deeper sense of connection.

Clarity Through Insights:  Your insights help people see through the fog of uncertainty, guiding them toward choices that align with their personal values and beliefs.

Embracing the Power of Silence:  Your comfortable silence provides a space for reflection and introspection, allowing people to connect with their inner truths.

Be mindful of:

While you hold space with your wise counsel, be mindful of not overwhelming people with too much information.  Remember that your insights are a gift, but it’s important to create a space where they can process and integrate the wisdom you offer.  Balance your desire to share knowledge with creating a sense of empowerment in those you guide.  Encourage people to make choices aligned with their hearts while respecting their autonomy.   Avoid pressuring them to conform to your insights, and instead, inspire them to find their own path within the gentle guidance you provide. 

Your insatiable love of learning may prevent you from truly showing up and offering your gifts to others.  A simple sticky note with a message that “everything you need is within you” will be a sufficient reminder that you are ready right now.  One thing is sure about holding space for the end of life, we can never be fully prepared.  Welcome a beginner’s mind with open arms and embrace the vulnerability that you also ask of those you serve.  Your strength blossoms when you acknowledge your human limitations and shine anyway.  True wisdom is a life journey, so make sure you balance your love of intellectual learning with the learning you receive when you fully live life.  

Self Care

Remember to care for your own well-being with the same insight you offer others.  Be cautious of the weight of responsibility and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the complexities of others’ experiences.  Dedicate time to learning and exploration, allowing your mind to expand beyond the realms of your profession.  Practice self-compassion and avoid being overly critical of yourself.  Create a balance between introspection and connection, finding moments of solitude and engaging with like-minded people who inspire you.  The path of sacred remembering is deeply knowing that the north star you have been searching for is within you.

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