The why is simple

We’re here to hold space for love and loss

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The Center for Conscious Living & Conscious Dying (CLCD) is a haven of sacred space that recognizes the transformative power of grief and loss. It’s a place where you can find deeper meaning, purpose, and connection in your life as you build a more conscious relationship with life, death, and all the breaths in between.  CLCD is dedicated to providing supportive and transformative experiences to individuals, communities, and organizations seeking greater connection and understanding as they navigate love and loss.

While death is almost always a sorrowful experience, at the center, we recognize that death is not solely a process of sadness, but also a catalyst for growth and change. CLCD fosters a compassionate learning community that invites people to gather as one and encourages people and to honor their difference while celebrating the unique path that each person walks on their journey through life and to death.

vision & purpose

The purpose of this center is to foster the growth and impact of holding space for conscious living and dying globally. The aim is not only to enhance our own understanding of this significant endeavor but also to educate others on the art of holding space, both for themselves and for those around them.  Additionally, we strive to cultivate a community that embraces inclusivity, diversity, and courage, providing a supportive environment for all. We are thrilled to welcome you to the community!

I’m Rhea Mader


In my experience, people often want to know more about death to heal something within them from personal experience. At least that is true for me.

When I was 25, my baby, Gabriel, was born still.  That tragic event changed me forever, led me to the deepest grief I have known, and ignited a flame in my heart to change the way we create and hold space for significant life changes.

Based on my personal experiences, extensive studies, and professional experiences guiding and supporting hundreds of people, I know that the fusion of evidence-based science and heart-centered presence is the change maker for the evolution of transformational living and dying.  Together, we can activate real and lasting change.  Thank you for being here.